Bundanon Trust Artist Residency


Collaboration experiments with Heidi Kenyon's handmade kaleidoscope

Collaboration experiments with Heidi Kenyon's handmade kaleidoscope

I had the exciting opportunity to undertake a week-long artist residency at Bundanon Trust in 2014 with two wonderful visual artists, Heidi Kenyon and Talia Wignall, whom I completed my Honours with in 2007. As the three of us work with similar themes in our work of memory, place and landscape, we leapt at the chance to work together on some new work, and explore potential collaborations. 

This residency allowed me to work on something new, exploring the potential of mirror in producing sculptural works. I wanted to experiment with sculptural work installed within the natural landscape, and explore the use of mirror to reflect the vast skies in small assembled geometric structures. This time allowed me to develop through some ideas that I expect to pursue in larger scale works down the track. it also provided a unique opportunity to work alongside Heidi Kenyon and Talia Wignall, with Heidi and I exploring the collaborative potential of our works.

Bundanon Trust is the former residence of the Boyd family, and houses the private studio of renowned Australian painter Arthur Boyd. The Artist in Residence program is designed to provide a place for reflection and inspiration, much like it did for Boyd himself. It was a great opportunity to take inspiration from the beautiful natural landscape by the Shoalhaven river, allowing us the time to reflect on our own practices, and work through ideas for new work.