Vermont Studio Centre

Johnson, Vermont, USA

April 2012

The residency at Vermont Studio Center was not focussed on glass and provided an opportunity to explore my ideas through other materials. Continuing my interest in the evolution of natural matter and the formation of natural mineral and crystal structures I worked with steel wire to develop larger-scale sculptural work. It was a great opportunity to explore form and structure that didn't link directly back to glass and explore working on a larger scale.

This residency, kindly supported by Carclew Youth Arts, provided a unique opportunity to develop new work and engage with a new and much broader artistic community. With over 70 visual artists and writers working at VSC through the month I was there, the residency provided an opportunity to diverge from my glass work and research and develop new art work. Johnson, Vermont is a beautiful small town and I am very privileged to have spent my time there with some very talented artists and writers.

Johnson, Vermont USA

Johnson, Vermont USA